Protect Skin from Holi Colours- Bio Resurge Ayurveda

Protect Skin from Holi Colours - Tips To Celebrate Toxin-Free Ayurvedic Holi.Anashwara Natural Rose Nourishing Cream contains vitamin E & is enriched with natural oils that help in disinfecting the skin, making it glow, soft and smooth. Who can use it?Suitable for all skin types. cream for soft and smooth skin, cream for remove acne... Continue Reading →

Bath Soap for Fairness, Dry, Oily and Glowing Skin, Natural & Ayurvedic Soaps

Bio Resurge bathing soap is infused with goat’s milk and extra virgin olive oil. This composition imparts moisturizing and firming properties to the skin and delays signs of skin aging. It removes dead skin cells and gives smoother and younger-looking skin. It can be used all over the body and face. This soap suits even... Continue Reading →

Arthritis Symptoms and Treatment in Ayurveda | Bio Resurge

Arthritis has proven solution in Ayurveda. Unlike modern medicines, it has a history of 5000 Years to tackle Arthritis Symptoms without any side effects. Bio Resurge has result oriented Arthritis Treatment for Osteo-Arthritis, Anti- Rhemumatic Arthritis and Gouty –Arthritis. Recommended Medicine for Osteo-Arthritis: Arthosurg-OA Tablets is the combinational of herbal extract and minerals having anti-oxidant... Continue Reading →

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