Ayurvedic Medicine(Churan) for Acidity & Gas and Hyper-acidity- No Side Effect

Bio Resurge’s Ayurvedic acidity tablet is called Amlamukt. Acidity is the most common disorder of the digestive system that causes gastric irritibality, heartburn and spasm in the stomach due to high and irregular secretion of acid. One may also experience a burning sensation in the stomach, throat and/or heart. Seldom do people realize that unhealthy... Continue Reading →

Top Five Skin Care Products You Never Missed- Skin Care Tips

 Black Gold Cream for stretch marks and scars removal and pigmentation Anashwara Black Gold Cream containing Shilajit is a perfect reservoir of natural vitamins and minerals. Shilajit repairs damaged tissues and offer a youthful and radiant glow by removing the dead cells and making the skin soft.  Skin Benefits Helps to remove pigmentation Removes dead... Continue Reading →

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